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                          About us
                          Jilin Liyuan refined Limited by Share Ltd





                          Site︰ Xining Road, Jilin, Liaoyuan Province Private Economic Development Zone

                          • About us

                          Jilin Liyuan Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, went public on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code 002501) on 17th Nov. 2010. Liyuan covers an area of 400000 square meters with a construction area of 300000 square meters. Liyuan has altogether 1500 employees, 150 of them are medium or senior management and technical staff.

                               Main plants: Aluminum Smelting and Casting plant, Aluminum Extrusion plant, Aluminum Surface Treatment plant, Aluminum CNC Machining and Fabrication plant, Aluminum Railcar Engine and body plant, Mould Manufacturing plant, Heat Treatment plant, Doors and Windows Manufacturing plant, Glass Manufacturing plant, Special Material plant, Researching and Developing Center, Testing Center and Sewage Treatment Center.

                               Main equipments: There are eight advanced automatic smelting and casting production lines. There are many SMS MEER (Germany) made extrusion presses, including a 160MN extrusion press, a 100MN extrusion press, a 60MN direct and indirect double action extrusion press, a 45 MN direct and indirect double action extrusion press, a 36MN direct and indirect double action extrusion press. There is a Danieli Breda (Italy) 60MN double action extrusion press; an UK-China joint venture 85MN extrusion press and 19domestic extrusion presses. An automatic surface treatment( anodizing, coloring and electrophoresis) production line; Two power coating production lines; A PVDF coating production line; Six wood grain coating production lines; 4 energy-saving and heat insulation profile production lines. Liyuan has more than 300 sets of CNC machining and fabrication equipment. Among them, Germany imported: four sets 5 axis gantry CNC machining center of 30 meters long aluminum alloy profiles, three sets 5 axis gantry CNC machining center of 60 meters long aluminum alloy profiles, three sets 12-meter long 5 axis profile CNC machining center, two sets vertical CNC profile bending machine, two sets CNC laser cutting center, two sets precision cross cut saw. America imported: A CNC stretching forming machine, two sets bending machine, a CNC bending machine and a vertical CNC profile bending machine. Austria imported: a gantry automatic aluminum welding production line, a gantry automatic aluminum welding production line, a gantry FSW system production line. Liyuan PM’s die manufacturing plant has eighty sets the most advanced CNC machining equipments ( electric spark, wire cutting etc. ) that imported from Japan. There are eight vacuum furnaces in the heat treatment plant (The biggest work piece: six ton; hardness tolerance: 0.5 degree).

                               Main applications of products: including industrial aluminum profiles, architectural aluminum profiles, special profiles and all kinds of mechanical machining and assembling aluminum alloy parts, railcar engine and body manufacturing. The annual production capacity of aluminum profiles is 300,000 tons. Among them, more than 10,000 tons of deep processing profiles; 600 aluminum railcar engines and 400 railcar bodies; the capacity of manufacturing doors and windows is 600,000 square meters; the installation capacity is 400,000 square meters. Die production capacity is 8000 sets. Glass processing capacity: (insulating glass, toughened glass, bullet-proof glass, and laminated glass) is 400,000 square meters. Our business has covered each continent by exporting to18 countries and areas. And our domestic distribution network has almost spread to every major city.

                               Liyuan’ s product was granted “National Product Exempt from Inspection” by the National Bureau of Quality Supervision in 2006 ; achieved ISO9001:2000quality management system certification in 2002 , in the same year achieved  ISO 4001environmental management  system certification  and GB / T28001 vocational safety management system certification, and passed retest twice. Liyuan also achieved GJB 9001A-2001national military standards certification; granted Jilin province brand - name company. Registered trademark of the company was named the provincial famous trademark, honored as top100private enterprises, national enterprise with excellent creditability and integrity, private technology enterprises in Jilin province, advance enterprise in quality management, top 50 growth enterprise in Jilin province, etc. Liyuan was identified as high - tech enterprises in 2010 and passed retest in 2013. In 2014, Liyuan passed ISO3834 certificate in May, passed EN 15085-2 welding certificate in June, passed TS16949 certificate.

                               Liyuan has a very strong sense of social responsibility. Liyuan invested 30 million RMB for Sewage Treatment Center to deal with wastewater, reuse water and achieve zero emissions. Liyuan has made lot efforts to build an energy-saving and environment-friendly society. Liyuan paid taxes over100 million RMB for 4 consecutive years, made an outstanding contribution to the local economic development. Liyuan pays social insurances and housing provident fund for every employee, increasing employees’ salary every year and provides superior condition of free meals, free commuter, free accommodation and free shower, which makes employees live a better life, boost the working team’s morale and make the team more stable.

                               Liyuan obeys the spirit of “the pursuit for excellence never stops”, uses the market as the guidance and takes the talented person and technology as foundation, strengthens management, increases profits, returns on shareholders, employees and the whole society with excellent performance. And strive to make the company into an international top class enterprise.

                          Site︰ Tel︰0437-3171666 Fax︰0437-3171999
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